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When we build a system for you, we use modern technology and traditional skills. Our engineers use state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD). The system is built and assembled by experienced technicians who understand how to do things properly.

We use two different CAD programs – one for industrial applications and one for building systems – to plan and design in 3D. These designs can be built either by ourselves or by external partners.

Our pre-assembly plant with automatic welding-machines in Delmenhorst allows us to minimise your down-time when we come to fit your new systems. We use tested welding methods to deliver quickly and in extremely high quality. And we make steel frames and fittings ourselves.

We of course provide regular training for our welders in working with regular and stainless steels. Our well-trained assemblers ensure that all systems are in place and time, just as our customers have come to expect.

Our certified work-safety procedures allow everyone at CHRISTOFFERS to work safely and at a minimum risk to their health and well-being.