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Energy efficiency for homes

Do not heat more than you need to.

If you are buying a new heating system, then it is worth taking some expert advice to ensure that the system suits your needs. Because the range of options available is increasing all the time.

How can you save on heating costs? Gas, oil, electric or something else? What is the environmental impact going to be?

The answer is a tailor-made heating concept by CHRISTOFFERS. Our computer-aided design allows us to build you the perfect heating system.

Air-conditioning. Breathe in and relax.

You have air-conditioning in your car. So why do you not have it in your home?

A pleasant climate allows you to concentrate or relax better. We can air-condition your whole house or just key rooms. Come and talk to us to see what makes sense for you.

Precise ventilation

Not too much, and not too little.

Ventilation systems exchange the air in your home for fresh air from outside, expelling smells and fumes. A good ventilation system will also significantly reduce dust and pollen, meaning you do not have to clean so much: Dust and pollen are expelled, and a filter prevents allergens from coming in.

Heat-exchanges on modern ventilation systems mean that 90% of the warmth of the air leaving the house is given back to the air coming in. This is much more efficient than opening a window to let in fresh air.

Each watt of electricity used by a CHRISTOFFERS ventilation system can save around 15 times its equivalent in heating energy. Good ventilation can save around 300 litres) of heating oil a year for a home with 150 m² (1600 sq ft) of living space.