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Systems to generate cooling for commerce and industry • Air-conditioning systems for laboratories, testing facilities and computer rooms • Chillers with highly efficient oil-free compressors • Coolers and cooling towers

Many industrial processes require cooling. Producing dried foods for example, often requires cool dry air which is blown over the still warm ingredients.

Do you need cooling for your manufacturing? Do you need to prevent sensitive laser welding equipment or large printing machines from overheating? Do you need to maintain constant temperature and humidity for reliable testing? Do parts of your factory need to be kept cool? Or do particular ingredients need to be kept cool throughout the food production process?

If you want to be sure that your cooling is reliable and will deliver what you need, then call CHRISTOFFERS. We can plan and construct a system to suit your exact needs.

And we're happy to save you money by reducing your energy costs. Whenever cooling is generated, heat is also produced. Our experience and breadth of competencies makes us the perfect partner to help you to find ways of using this heat and integrate it into your energy infrastructure.