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Water technology

Water and sanitation for commercial, manufacturing, hospitals and hotels • Water and wastewater systems • Car-washes and water-tight testing equipment for the automotive industry • Fire extinguishing systems • Swimming pool systems

Cars should of course be fast, fuel-efficient and attractively designed. It is also important that they do not let in water when it rains! Water-tightness is tested using complex machinery, which reproduces the effect of travelling in heavy rain. The testing-tunnel is made by CHRISTOFFERS.

Man is the only animal who uses water in so many ways, and is able to clean it and reuse it.

The amount of water available to us has not changed in the last 2000 years. The population and the demand of each individual have both grown dramatically. Germans use around 130 litres of drinking water every day.

CHRISTOFFERS understands the importance of using water efficiently. The systems we plan and install for industry, commerce, public services and private homes place great emphasis on minimising water use.

Whether you need water for a car wash, a sprinkler system, steam, manufacturing or cooling, we can construct a suitable water cycle. We can use clean drinking water, install a filter system to use groundwater or rainwater and ensure that wastewater is disposed of appropriately.