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About us



Heating, cooling, air, water and building technology are undergoing continuous development. Efficiency, reliability and, of course, functionality of the systems must meet constantly increasing demands. Sustainable system concepts and energy saving are a particular focus. We at CHRISTOFFERS Anlagen- und Gebäudetechnik work every day to master new tasks. We approach every project with solution-oriented thinking and the will to perform, and can draw on over 80 years of experience.


In 1932, when engineer Johann CHRISTOFFERS founded the company "Johann CHRISTOFFERS Heizungen" (Johann CHRISTOFFERS Heating) and initially employed two people, he could not have imagined that his company would one day exceed 85 years of age and grow to a stately size and status during this time.


Over the years, a medium-sized company with innovative strength, flexibility and depth of service has emerged, which has been decisively characterised in terms of its orientation by the second generation of business owners, Wilfried CHRISTOFFERS and Rolf CHRISTOFFERS.


The third generation of the family took over in 2000, and Dirk CHRISTOFFERS (with Peter Wenzel until 2020), together with a team of experienced engineers (Jens Waßmann, technical manager and Ludger Heitmann, leading project and branch manager) and accomplished business people, has been leading the company with 130 committed employees into a promising future.


The world has changed a lot in the last 85 years. The technologies used for heating, cooling, ventilation and water supply have also changed, as have the expectations and demands placed on buildings.


But one thing has remained the same: Lasting success only comes if you are prepared to work hard, to focus on solutions rather than problems, and if you deliver quality reliably. Dreaming is allowed, but your feet should remain on the ground.


The most important element of our success is the people who work for us, and the atmosphere in which we work together. We are grateful to everyone who has been part of our journey.


Facts & figures

CHRISTOFFERS is a family-run business. Our long history and ability to innovate mean that we have a bright future.

CHRISTOFFERS is based in Delmenhorst with a dependency in Oldenburg.

At CHRISTOFFERS we like to do every part of every job ourselves.

CHRISTOFFERS comes to you – in northern Germany and beyond.

CHRISTOFFERS employs around 130 people including 25 apprentices in six different professions.



When we build a system for you, we use modern technology and traditional skills. Our engineers use state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD). The system is built and assembled by experienced technicians who understand how to do things properly.

We use two different CAD programs – one for industrial applications and one for building systems – to plan and design in 3D. These designs can be built either by ourselves or by external partners.

Our pre-assembly plant with automatic welding-machines in Delmenhorst allows us to minimise your down-time when we come to fit your new systems. We use tested welding methods to deliver quickly and in extremely high quality. And we make steel frames and fittings ourselves.

We of course provide regular training for our welders in working with regular and stainless steels. Our well-trained assemblers ensure that all systems are in place and time, just as our customers have come to expect.

Our certified work-safety procedures allow everyone at CHRISTOFFERS to work safely and at a minimum risk to their health and well-being.


Anyone can promise quality. The certifications that we have, for which we are regularly tested, are proof that we deliver:


  • Work-safety system SMS (Sicher mit System)
  • Welding according to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC, DIN EN ISO 9606-1 and the German standard AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 3
  • Process according to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC, DIN EN ISO 15614-1 and the German standard AD2000-Merkblatt HP 2/1
  • Certified manufacturer of high-pressure containers and pipes according to the German standard AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0/HP100R
  • Authorised to reclassify according to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC and the German standard AD 2000
  • Certified production control according to module A1 of 97/23/EG
  • Company certified as qualified according to §62 AwSV, regulations on dealing with substances which can harm water issued by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
  • Company certified as qualified according to §6 ChemKlimaschutzV, regulations on handling chemicals which can harm the climate issued by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
  • Pre-qualified as expert, reliable and capable to bid for public contracts according to German building regulations (§6 VOB/A, PQ-Nr. 101.000160)

Social responsibility

We have a responsibility towards society that goes beyond the walls of our offices and the fence around your building site. CHRISTOFFERS focuses its sponsoring on supporting talented young people. For example, we are active members of the advisory council of the Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences.

We also support a number of regional social and academic projects.
CHRISTOFFERS is a long-term sponsor of Oldenburg’s Basketball Bundesliga team, the EWE Baskets. We chose basketball because – just like our own work – success comes both from team spirit and individual brilliance.

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