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Energy efficiency


Our competencies cover a wide range of specialities and primary energy sources.

Renewable energy sources

The world is full of energy, so why not use it? Sun, wind, bioenergy and geothermal energy are readily available and cheap or even free. We can help you to harvest renewable energy sources, for example with geothermal pumps, heat-exchangers, solar water heaters. We can combine a variety of primary energy sources to suit the rhythm of your energy consumption.


Conventional energy production and fossil-only systems have had their day. They are being replaced by more efficient and sustainable generation methods. CHRISTOFFERS can deliver cogeneration of power and heat – expanded to include cooling where required – in a wide range of systems of all sizes. They can range from small units for private homes up to large combined heat and power plants (CHPs).

Heat recovery

Wasting energy is both uneconomical and irresponsible.

Statutory regulations even require that energy be saved, and rules for the consumption of energy are becoming ever stricter. Heat and energy recovery allows us to go well beyond what is required and expected. We think in terms of energy networks, and start at the choice of primary energy source when designing efficient systems.

The result is an energy-use and reuse infrastructure that saves you money and reduces environmentally harmful emissions.

Analysis and recommendations

We can analyse your energy use and the suitability of your current systems for your current and expected requirements. For example, we can examine the efficiency of your ventilation and air-conditioning.

Our experience and wide range of competencies allow us to focus on practical solutions. Firstly we develop an understanding of your current energy infrastructure, what you require and expect, and then develop answers based on what we have found out around the current technological possibilities.

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