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Systems engineering


Every manufacturing process is different, and so is pretty much every factory and building in which goods are made. Every time we develop a solution for a new customer, we have to look at his specific safety, efficiency and financial parameters.

From initial planning through to final assembly, we develop and produce systems which can reduce energy use and save money.

Design, planning, construction, installation and servicing of heating, cooling, water and air-conditioning systems for almost all industrial and commercial purposes.

Für die Energiewende ist der Einsatz von Wärmepumpen unerlässlich.

Alle Städte und Gemeinden sind im Zuge der Energiewende aufgefordert Konzepte einer klimaneutralen Wärmeversorgung für das jeweilige Einzugsgebiet zu erstellen. Damit wird es in weiten Teilen zu einer Renaissance von Nahwärmenetzen für Neubau und vor allem Bestand mit „grünen“ Energiezentralen, deren Herzstück Großwärmepumpen sind, kommen. Der Wandel macht aber natürlich auch vor der Privatwirtschaft nicht halt.

CHRISTOFFERS bietet Großwärmepumpen-Lösungen für Kommunen, private Investoren und Unternehmen aus Industrie und Gewerbe unter Berücksichtigung der bereits vorhandenen Wärmeinfrastruktur.

Wir beschäftigen uns mit Großwärmepumpen im Leistungsbereich zwischen 300 kW und 10 MW.

Jede Wärmepumpe benötigt eine Wärmequelle. Ob Flusswasser, Meerwasser, Abwasser, industrielle Abwärme, Erdwärme oder Luft, wir können Ihnen die passende Großwärmepumpenanlage konzipieren und installieren. Wir haben Erfahrungen sowohl mit natürlichen als auch mit synthetischen Kältemitteln. Neben der Bereitstellung von Wärme können Wärmepumpen im Sommer auch umgekehrt als Kältemaschine betrieben werden. Auch hierfür entwickeln unserer Ingenieure passende Konzepte.

  • Kommunale Wärmeversorgung
  • Nah- und Fernwärme
  • Wärmeversorgung größerer Wohngebäude
  • Wärmeversorgung industrieller und gewerblicher Betriebe und Liegenschaften

Heat and steam technology

To make good sweets, you don’t just need good ingredients, you also need finely adjustable warmth. CHRISTOFFERS delivers steam to melt the mix so that it can be poured into moulds.

Our engineers and technicians design and construct systems to deliver heat in various forms for a wide range of industrial purposes – from melting raw materials through to drying and curing finished products. We also generate heat for sterilisation in hospitals.

  • Heat generation and supply of hot water, steam and thermal oil
  • Mobile heat and steam generators
  • Central and district heating systems
  • Cogeneration
  • Engineering technology
  • Controls & electronics


Many industrial processes require cooling. Producing dried foods for example, often requires cool dry air which is blown over the still warm ingredients.

Do you need cooling for your manufacturing? Do you need to prevent sensitive laser welding equipment or large printing machines from overheating? Do you need to maintain constant temperature and humidity for reliable testing? Do parts of your factory need to be kept cool? Or do particular ingredients need to be kept cool throughout the food production process?

If you want to be sure that your cooling is reliable and will deliver what you need, then call CHRISTOFFERS. We can plan and construct a system to suit your exact needs.

And we're happy to save you money by reducing your energy costs. Whenever cooling is generated, heat is also produced. Our experience and breadth of competencies makes us the perfect partner to help you to find ways of using this heat and integrate it into your energy infrastructure.

  • Systems to generate cooling for commerce and industry
  • Air-conditioning systems for laboratories, testing facilities and computer rooms
  • Chillers with highly efficient oil-free compressors
  • Coolers and cooling towers

Ventilation and air-conditioning

Body parts for Airbus passenger jets are washed, painted and dried in sealed production rooms. Temperature and humidity need to be adjusted for each part of the process. Complex and precise ventilation systems by CHRISTOFFERS guarantee the perfect climate for production.

Wherever, whenever and for whatever you need ventilation, ask CHRISTOFFERS.

Our experienced and motivated team of engineers and designers use modern CAD and computer simulation to plan and construct a system that will do what you need it to. Our assembly team is highly qualified and will install your system reliably and on time.

  • Air-conditioning systems for industrial processes
  • Ventilation systems for commercial kitchens and hospitals
  • Heat-recovery systems
  • Laboratory ventilation & cleanroom technology
  • Exhaust cleaning systems

Water technology

Cars should of course be fast, fuel-efficient and attractively designed. It is also important that they do not let in water when it rains! Water-tightness is tested using complex machinery, which reproduces the effect of travelling in heavy rain. The testing-tunnel is made by CHRISTOFFERS.

Man is the only animal who uses water in so many ways, and is able to clean it and reuse it.

The amount of water available to us has not changed in the last 2000 years. The population and the demand of each individual have both grown dramatically. Germans use around 130 litres of drinking water every day.

CHRISTOFFERS understands the importance of using water efficiently. The systems we plan and install for industry, commerce, public services and private homes place great emphasis on minimising water use.

Whether you need water for a car wash, a sprinkler system, steam, manufacturing or cooling, we can construct a suitable water cycle. We can use clean drinking water, install a filter system to use groundwater or rainwater and ensure that wastewater is disposed of appropriately.

  • Water and sanitation for commercial, manufacturing, hospitals and hotels
  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Car-washes and water-tight testing equipment for the automotive industry
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Swimming pool systems

Controls & electronics

We understand building systems. Our control cabinets and electronics allow you to get the best out of your CHRISTOFFERS heating, cooling, ventilation and water systems. Because there is no point in having the latest technology if you can't use it properly.

We also provide classical electronics products and services. Does your factory not have brightness-sensitive lighting dimmers to reduce your electricity bill? Does your smoke and fire detection system need expanding? Do you have a motor that needs to be speed-regulated?

We can make all of this happen for you. Cabling are of course included!

  • Digital controls for CHRISTOFFERS systems
  • High and low voltage systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Cabling
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